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Love thy neighbor

on January 15, 2014

So this is the post that very well may lose me some friends and family, but that’s alright.  I don’t expect people to agree with me, I just want to offer up another viewpoint.  If you don’t like what I have to say, then that’s fine as well.  Like I said, I’m not expecting your agreement, only maybe the chance to share my point of view as many of you have done, some extremely vocally or offensively.  Let’s keep this friendly, though, ok?

I feel the need to share some thoughts on the extremely debated topic of homosexuality.  It seems like this has become the big thing this year because of the gay marriage laws so everyone has decided to weigh in on the topic.  My turn!

The big issue with all of this is religion, naturally.  This country’s religious demographic is Christian majority.  Christian belief is that homosexuality is wrong, hence the big hootenanny about gay marriage.  You see photos on the web and news of people holding up “God hates gays” signs and such.  Is that really necessary?  For one, God doesn’t hate anyone and we shouldn’t march around proclaiming that he does.  For two, God isn’t a fan of any kind of sin, so are we going to start completely ostracizing every sinner from church?  If so, the building would be empty.  This is my thought.  Alcoholism is a sin.  Gluttony/overeating is a sin.  Sodomy is a sin.  Lust is a sin.  Heck, even masturbation is supposed to be a sin.  Why is it OK for people that deal in these sins to be allowed in churches and be allowed to marry, but not a perfectly nice homosexual couple?  We all sin, so why can’t this be theirs?  Why can’t Christian people acknowledge the sin in all of us and do what we’re supposed to do and love each other, regardless of our sins?  It’s not our job to judge.  Is it wrong according to the Bible?  Yes, as are a million other things that we do daily.  So lets get over it already!  I’m not saying you have to run up and hug a gay person if that’s just completely not cool with you, but don’t promote hate, just let them be.

As far as “Gays are abominations”, well that just ticks me off.  God made everyone, so everyone is as they should be.  I’m not going to debate the whole homosexuality is a choice or born to it, but I will tell you my experience.  I have a wonderfully amazing and completely loving cousin that is gay.  I knew he was gay from the time we were tiny, so did most of our family, but it was never talked about.  He came out recently and was met with a lot of difficulty, from friends and family alike, but has trudged through it all to the best of his ability and still has a great outlook on life.  I absolutely adore this man and couldn’t imagine life without him.  He would give his shirt to someone in need and I know he would come to my rescue should I ever need it.  That doesn’t sound like an abomination to me.  That sounds like a person deserving of love and respect just like any other.

Gay marriage.  Here we go.  I think it should be legal for homosexual couples to get married.  I don’t think churches should be forced to marry homosexual couples.  It should be up to the individual church whether they perform the ceremony or not, but the couples should be able to marry at least by a judge.  If the judge doesn’t agree with it, well, no offense, but they shouldn’t take a government job.  They have to free pedophiles and murderers on technicalities, but don’t want to marry a loving couple?  Huh…  We, as a country, are supposed to have a separation of church and state.  That means the church can’t tell the state what to do and the state should respect the church’s religious rights.  That means the church can’t tell the state whether it is legal or not, but the state shouldn’t force the church on some issues.  So allowing it, but  not forcing pastors to perform it would seem a pretty decent compromise in my opinion.  “But ‘marriage’ is the union between man and woman.”  We use the word ‘marriage’ often, like “it’s a marriage between the two flavors that’s simply delicious.”  It’s a word.  Words evolve.  Words are created.  Either we get over it and share the word, or we come up with a new one.  Stop bickering over a word!

So yea…. If you made it this far through the post and haven’t de-friended me, kudos to you!  Again, this is a viewpoint, not a command.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, or a lot of people for that fact, but I think this stuff should be said.  I think we should all learn to compromise a bit and love each other like we’re supposed to.  A little more love and a little less judgement could take us so far!  As for me, I plan on loving my neighbors, all of them, even, unfortunately, the jerks that call my loved ones an abomination.


2 responses to “Love thy neighbor

  1. Jessica says:

    I respect your viewpoint. Here is where we differ: the people who hold the “God hates fags”, “Gays are an abomination” are terrible Christians. I’ll stand by that until I die. Some Christians believe that, some don’t. I can not give you numbers. I just know that Christians are often lumped together and I would appreciate not being lumped with some of them. I know that this is true of many of my friends. I do it believe that God hates ANYONE, and none of his children are an abomination. God loves us all. And by love I mean that he is passionate about us and so is his love for ALL of us.
    In addition, I do not think that Christians are the majority anymore.
    Here is where the chasm exists between Christians and Non-Christians (obviously there are exceptions in each group) homosexuality is a sin, just as gluttony is a sin. The difference is that gluttony is a sin that I am repentant about. God forgives sins when a heart is repentant. Gay people are not repentant of their sin. Many of them do not see their homosexuality as a sin, so they are not repentant. How do you repent from something if you do not believe is wrong? That being said, I don’t believe gay people are going to hell. I think that every person is going to have to give account for their sins.
    As far as gay marriage, it is not how God designed marriage.

    • pancaks says:

      Hey! I appreciate the comment and the friendly nature. People can get hateful with this. I suppose I should have stated that this is coming from my own Christian standpoint and that being said that not all Christians think alike, not every member of any group of humanity thinks completely alike. There are angry Christians and happy Christians just like there are angry non-Christians and happy non-Christians. So I don’t think all Christians are out to get gays and are hateful. I just wish the ones filled with love were more vocal, or heard more, than the ones filled with hate.

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