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My Christmas/Holiday Greeting Rant

on December 13, 2013

Let me begin this by promising this will not be a sermon.  At least to the non-religious.  I’m actually ticked off at the religious masses, and this is coming from a religious person.  This is not meant to offend, but it probably will and I’m sorry.  Someone’s got to say it though.

This whole “It’s Christmas, not Happy Holidays, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Bodhi, etc” is really starting to anger me.  I personally say ‘Merry Christmas’, but if someone walks up and says “Joyous Kwanzaa”, I would probably say the same right back to them, because apparently they celebrate Kwanzaa and that’s important to them.  It’s called consideration.  I’ve heard people say, “Well, this time none of the holidays coincide so you don’t have to say Happy Holidays this year!”  So when you pull out your Christmas decorations in October and start shouting Merry Christmas as soon as possible, aren’t you infringing on others’ holidays?  This is especially difficult considering the many theories of the celebration of Jesus’ birth being late summer anyway, not December.  In the Bible, I believe it’s Luke, they mention the Roman census that Joseph and Mary came to Bethlehem for, which was not in the winter due to travel and weather conditions.  This celebration was moved to December supposedly to either lure pagans more easily into Christianity or to make a hostile takeover of pagan holidays, there are viewpoints on both.  So who’s encroaching now?

I’m all for saying Merry Christmas, don’t get me wrong.  If that’s what you believe, then say it.  The problem occurs when people get hateful about it.  This is the United States of America, not the United States of Christianity.  We were founded on freedoms, especially freedom of religion.  People of all religions have fought and died to keep these freedoms for us.  If you want to force Christianity on people, form your own nation and make it the mandatory religion, then you can enforce the “Merry Christmas” phrase as the mandatory holiday greeting.  Until then, if your barista says Happy Holidays, don’t withhold their tip and preach to them, just respond with Merry Christmas, smile and walk away.  We are supposed to be celebrating Peace, Joy, and Love.  We are supposed to be evangelizing about the love of Christ, bringing people to the faith.  If you are too busy beating them with the Bible, I believe they will avoid it like the plague.  Kindness brings so many more closer than discipline or anger ever could.

So how about this holiday season, instead of bickering over what greeting we are giving and receiving, we concentrate on the love behind the words and actions we spread?  I think most of us can get on board with that, right?  Love each other and lets all work for a better tomorrow!


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