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In Honor of Adoption Awareness Month

on November 7, 2013

So I have been watching the Today show the past few days and they have put a huge spotlight on adoption awareness for this month.  I have always felt that adoption is a beautiful thing that needs more focus in today’s society.  There are so many children that could use loving homes where they can grow and flourish.  Every child needs a chance.

Growing up, I always knew family was what would be most important to me.  Jobs are nice, but I didn’t care about making myself the best in my career.  I knew I needed an education and a job in order to support my true dream, to have a family.  When Josh and I married, we knew we wanted kids.  The problem was, we weren’t sure I would be able to have kids.  Even my doctors told me that if I was able to get pregnant, it would take a long time to happen and would pretty much be a miracle.  Adoption was a very real possibility for us.  We have talked about it a lot over the years we’ve been together.  If we weren’t able to have our own kids, we would open our hearts and homes to another child in need of family as much as we were.  By the grace of God, we were blessed with Levi, and now Alex is on the way.  I would not trade them for anything in the world.  Due to my health, though, these will be the only natural children we plan on having.  Everyone always asks “Don’t you want to try for a girl next?”  Ummmm, no.  For one, I don’t think my body could handle it.  For two, with our luck, we’d have another boy.  For three, I don’t think I could handle the emotional roller coaster of another miscarriage.  If we want another child, we will adopt one.

Another thing that many people don’t think about is foster care.  How different would the next generation be like if more of us opened our homes to foster care?  We always hear about the bad things that happen in foster care because there aren’t enough good and caring people to offer their help to these kids.  How much abuse could be avoided?  How much love could a child learn from good foster parents that show they care?  This is another conversation that happens in my house.  Would we be willing to foster a child since we have our own?  Josh says his heart couldn’t take having a child in his home and then that child getting taken away to go back to a bad situation.  To me, that’s totally understandable.  My view is that at least that child would get a reprieve and deserves some caring attention, no matter for how long it is.

So those are some of my thoughts on the matter.  What do you all think?  Would you open your home to a child for adoption or foster care?  Should everyone be allowed to adopt, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or marital status?  What are some changes that could be made to make the process easier and more amenable to kids getting homes?  How do you think we can help if we can’t adopt or foster?  I hope this leaves you with a little nugget of thought for the kids of the world in your mind.  Have a great day!


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